Friday Freebie: Good Food Kitchen Art

Having a hearty meal with family and friends, filled with laughter, is something I equate with love. Some of my favorite memories in my life have been with family or friends surrounding a table, in someones kitchen. There is truly not much more in life one needs than good food, laughter, and love—at least in my book.

I also love designing digital art. I don’t have money for custom art, and I want pieces that mean something to me. What this means is I typically need to do it myself. I’m not an artist, and I’m certainly not a graphic designer, just like I’m not a photographer. That said, I love creating whether it’s with my hands making homemade pasta, through a computer or with my camera.

With the renovations underway, the “design and decor” section of this blog has all but been ignored. No more though! Over the next few months, until I have time to regularly add to it, I’m going to be putting up some free digital art for you guys.

Today’s free digital art is kitchen art, and it was inspired by what I want people to know about my home when they enter. To me the kitchen is the heart of the home, and from my own experience good people and good food build bonds. I hope you love this as much as I do.

To download the art, click on the link below. It’s an 8.5×11 (regular paper size) PDF, so it may take a moment to open for you. You can either print right from the PDF, or save the PDF to your desktop to print at a later time.

In This Kitchen There Shall Be Good Food – Download

If you want a different color head on over to Etsy where I have an option to customize these. I have a variety of colors you can choose from for the background, and you’ll also get a much higher-res file meaning you can print larger than 8.5×11 without distortion.

Here’s to good food, love, and laughter.



Two Little Birds, Sitting on a Cake, K.I.S.S.I.N.G

When we first got engaged I was going to hand make everything. Then I came to my senses. Even Primrose was clearly unimpressed with my original idea. It was seriously going to cut into her play time. Not. Happening.

So when it came to the cake I was going to buy the topper. I really was, promise. Thanks to Mr. A’s awesome-super-spectacular sister and brother-in-law over at Mason Street, we are receiving a particularly delicious home made simple carrot and chocolate cake.  After perusing Etsy for the perfect cake topper, and a multitude of other sites, I re-evaluated and decided I had to make my own. Not only were the unique ones I loved incredibly expensive but my heart and head kept saying “but I can maaakkee that”.

When both your head and heart and everything in you agrees – listen to it.

I started sketching ideas out. For whatever reason I kept being drawn to birds. Simple, sweet &  little humorous birds. We live in a relatively country area and since we love hearing them in the spring it just seemed to fit. Okay, let’s keep it real. Birds are way easier to make than people and dogs and all that jazz, but if anyone asks it’s totally because we live in the country and love birds. Ahem.

With the plethora of reclaimed wood we have, paints, a simple scroll saw Mr. A got me for Christmas that I luh-hove, I knew this would work. I chose my sketch, transfered it freehand onto the wood and went to work. In about 5 minutes I had them cut out. Next I painted them. Finally, we were going to dowel them, but decided to rest them right on the cake instead. As our cake is going to be so perfectly basic, I didn’t even paint wings on this pair – I wanted to keep them super super whimsical and simple.

Check out these little cuties.

Poor Winnie, she was bred to be a hunting dog, and this is what she gets. I owe her one, big time.

Happy Trying Not To Craft,


Pioneering & Pictures

Have you ever read The Pioneer Woman?  This blog (along with Young House Love) single handedly (is that a word?) sometimes get me through my lunch hour at work.  My very favorite part of The Pioneer Goddess Woman is her Confessions. Frankly, I feel like I’m reading into my future (small scale – I only wish we had a full on ranch). I always find myself smirking and laughing out loud at her materials. She’s just so honest about everything that it’s a hoot.

She essentially sums up what I picture as the perfect life: a farm, a maybe not so clean house all the time but one that is lovingly and well lived in, livestock, poultry, a gaggle of dogs and maybe some geese, Mr. A’s God given backside in chaps, being smart enough to home-school (that one really is a dream, I’m confident but not that confident) and a hot cup of tea on the porch on a fall day. The fact is, we’re a long way from that. Hopefully within a year chickens will come, maybe a goat or two. The chaps, chainsaw as they might be, are bound to be broken out again come spring leading to one of my favorite views, and I’m not referring to a timbering tree.

If there is one thing I have down, right now as I write this it’s the “…maybe not so clean house all the time but one that is lovingly and well lived in…” part.

Where was I going with this? Side note: Mr. A will tell you that I am notorious for forgetting things. It’s really, really, really pathetic. I should have my head examined. If I could remember to.

Right – things that are important to me. I was going through my phone the other day and came across many pictures that made me smile and remind me how blessed I feel to have a simple, quiet out of the way lifestyle. There truly is nothing as sweet as loving the life you live, and going through it with your best bud by your side (or three best buds if you count the furry ones).  So here they are – in no particular order…except the last one, because really – it is the most important.


The love bugs.

The crotchety Old Lady who is not longer with us

Our first “home”

Mr. A at work


Having the girls pull stunts like this when I’m feeling frumped. It’s impossible to feel frumped while they look like this.

Trust me. Country dogs are the best.


Painting. I didn’t say I was awesome. I just like painting.

Flea Markets

The Bovinest Women Around

This face


Enjoying the fruits of our garden, for months to come


Enjoying the fruits of nature, immediately (apples as it may be)

the feeling of freedom this gives me, and it’s only steps away from my door

and finally, for now -Mr. A. Seeing him in his element & happy is by far one of my favorite pleasures in life


Much love, happiness, homesteading and joy,