A Dogs Ode To Snow

Watching your dogs age isn’t easy, but you have to push that back and enjoy the now—just like they are. It’s thrilling to still have them at an age (6 & 6 1/2) where they act like puppies and are silly, even if Winnie is starting to get some joint issues from running so much and so hard as a puppy (thankfully no hip dysplasia or anything), including how much they love snow. Rosie shows no signs of slowing down, and Winnie—just as she did as a puppy—still absolutely loves riding on the snowmobile.

I thought you all might enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. With that said it’s snowing as I’m writing this, for perhaps one of the last times before real spring weather hits, so I’m going to head out with the ladies again for a romp.

 DSC_8896-01 DSC_8888-01 DSC_8866-01 DSC_8920-01 DSC_8916-01 DSC_8912-01Here’s to enjoying the now, and not wishing our time away even if that wishing is for better weather.




This Just In

It’s extremely vital you know what it looks like around here when it snows. Specifically the snow from yesterday morning, because it is entirely different than snow from another morning which will be just as imperative to post about.  This is clearly news worthy information people, and who am I to deny you?  This has absolutely nothing to do with me being camera happy, so here are a few vital points.

(1) Do you recognize this?

This is the orchard, which was entirely clear of snow on January 1st, which I posted about here. I think it’s much prettier covered in snow. Remind me I said that when it’s May and everything is green and I tell you that it’s much prettier in bloom and all green than in snow.

(2) I love how the sun coming over the hill makes the entire road glow.

Yes, I looked both ways before I stood in the middle of the road to take photos. That makes it safe.

(3) Winnie is a huge fan of the snow. Granted, Winnie is a huge fan of most everything, but I think the snow is at the top of the list along with cookies, swimming, sticks and her blanket.


I laughed when she laid down to cool off after terrorizing Primrose by running circles around her—the snow was level with her back. This is her partially propped up on her front legs. Other things Winnie likes to do in the snow:

  • Play snow ball
  • Run like a maniac
  • Eat snow
  • Run like a maniac
  • Roll in it (she likes to roll in everything)
  • Lay in and bury herself
  • Dig. She is not allowed to dig in the yard and she knows it, but the second she sees that first big snow bank she becomes a digging machine. I’m pretty sure a digging machine is technically called a back hoe, excavator or front loader but I’ll stick with general “digging machine”.

Don’t you feel better now for knowing all of that about my dog?

(4) Once the sun comes up and hits the other side of the field, it turns everything bright blue. I love how pretty and clear the sky gets after a big huge snow. It happens pretty often and is a stark contrast to the gray sky while it’s snowing (which is happening again right now).

(5) I was once asked why we don’t hang our laundry out all year round. I hope this photo answers that question.

(6) After all the snow romping (later last night) warming up by the wood stove with Winnie sitting between my legs, something she has done since she was a puppy, is my favorite. She kept staring into the kitchen, over my thigh, at my brother in law prepping dinner and I told her not to beg. Winnie would like you to know she is extremely clever by looking under my leg instead.

If you ever need anymore vital information just check back here. I am sure to have it for you. You can thank me later for enlightening your day in the most intellectual way.

Much Love,