Technical Conversation

I’ve mentioned before that Andy is full of technical information and I on the other hand am like a caveman. Except they knew how to make and use tools. I take that back. Cavemen were far more technical than me. I’m bringing this up because these renovation posts are about to take this blog over, so I thought I’d give you a glimpse of how these conversations normally go. I ask a lot of questions about technical terms, meaning Andy has reverted to brevity and sometimes messing with me with his answers to humor himself.


Me: “What kind of caulking are you using.”

Andy: *raises eyebrows*

Me: “Sorry, adhesive. What kind of adhesive are you using. I don’t want to call it caulking again like I did in the deck post.”

Andy: “Basement”

Me: “You’re using basement adhesive? What does that even mean?”

Andy: “No, I’m using whatever I found in the basement.”

Which of course he had the right stuff in the basement. I still don’t know what it is. Some sort of adhesive. I will now refer to this as “basement adhesive” in this blog when I don’t know what it is.


Me: “Cement is a part of concrete, right?”

Andy: “Still”

Me: “Still what?”

Andy: *smirks* “Still true.”

Note to self. Andy has confirmed this 100 times. Remember it.

When in doubt, enter cute photo of a dog.


This is going to be a fun renovation. Let’s get this started. High-fives all around.




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