Thanksgiving and Face Sledding

Of all Holidays, I enjoy Thanksgiving the most. Ever since Andy and I started dating we’ve spent Thanksgiving with his Mom’s side of the family. We normally have between 15-25 people there. It’s loud, it’s proud, it’s wonderful. As I see it, you need four things in life for a happy one. Shelter, warmth, food and family. Though our family is actual family, family is who you make it of. If you have those essentials, it’s a good thing. The rest is icing on the cake.

Our’s always starts with an array of appetizers.

For an hour or two we all chat, catch up, and just cause general nonsense. There’s always a crowd around the table with the food.

During this time, and after one too many glasses of wine (so two, mixed with fruit punch – I’m a light weight), I decided to go check out Andy’s Cousin E’s chickens. Most kids want a dog. He wanted chickens so he could get eggs from them. He wanted me to get a photo of his egg system. Pretty clever kid.These are Rhode Island Reds, and were very friendly. At one point though they started pecking my boots, no chickens, no.

Once everything is set, the appetizers are cleared and Thanksgiving dinner is put down.

After dinner comes dessert. However, first there is a family tradition. You must either go outside and exert yourself physically, or stay inside and clean up from appetizers and dinner. It’s a great system that leaves your kitchen not looking as if a bomb went off after everyone is in a food coma. While most people went on a walk, Andy’s three cousins and I decided to go sledding.

This is Andy’s other cousin E. She is about my age, and has a killer sledding technique. What you don’t see is a small jump at the end. I, thinking this looked fabulous, decided to try it myself.

What you also don’t see is me going down super fast, hitting the jump, failing to push my face away from the snow, the sled stopping upon landing and me facesledding for the next few inches. By the looks of it, it was approximately 6 inches. Yes, I was laughing hysterically when this happened. Yes, it does hurt. It’s not too bad, but the upper lip part swelled up and is slightly black and blue now.

Point for Heather. I decided to stick to taking photos after this and shot pictures of the girls sledding and of the horse next door.

After the adventures in face sledding we went back inside for dessert. We decided not to say anything about my face until someone noticed. Andy came in from behind me and I looked up at him and he loudly said, “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?!”. Our initial story was that I fought off a Sasquatch and saved their lives. The truth came out. So did the searing pain, but that didn’t stop me from eating dessert.

After dessert there are either camps of people watching football, or camps of people in the L to the barn by the fire. There is nothing like a darker, super warm room, a full belly and good company to enhance a food coma.

That about summed up our day, and the rest of our evening. We started the hour drive home around 6:00 to feed the hungry girls and rest up.

Next “holiday” up – Thanksmas. It’s 2 weeks after Thanksgiving, and 2 weeks before Christmas. We all meet up at one of the Uncle’s farms to cut down our Christmas trees, eat too much food and repeat. Andy and I have other people to visit this season, so we may not go, but if we do I’ll be sure to tell you about it.



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