The Beginning: Bathroom Renovation

When we bought our house 3 1/2 years ago, we knew one thing  – it needed work. For this same reason we knew it was perfect for us. First came cleaning up the jungle of a yard, cutting trees that were in desperate need of being cut, pulling out a collapsed above ground pool which the previous owners had placed in ground (you’d think I was kidding) and painting certain rooms with white primer just to “clean” them up a little.

We didn’t spend much money on the rest of the house because we knew we would be completely gutting the house and renovating it.

The one thing that greatly needed to be “redone” was the bathroom. There was a really ugly sliding door in it that was harboring mold (awesome) due to no fan or window. Oh wait, there is a window. Top right. That’s the actual size of it. No, it doesn’t open. (this was pre-moving in).

Post moving in the first thing we did was rip that door out, I’m a curtain girl. Then there was the floor. Thanks to improper sealing around the bathroom door we quickly realized one thing – it was wet.

It was really wet. It was really, really, really wet.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it, but A was able to tear up the rest of the rotten floor.  Despite how horrible this looks, he was able to save a substantial portion of the subflooring (underneath of this). A trip to home depot after assessing the damage and we were putting it all back together:

We selected the cheapest old school flooring you could get. That bathroom won’t exist in another year or so (if I’m lucky) so there was no way we were spending lots of money on it. Someday oh someday, I’ll have gorgeous hardwood floors – in a bigger bathroom.

In the end, we went from this (before we moved in):

To This :

I’d call that an improvement, wouldn’t you?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – we took the toilet out and had to power wash it a little. That was super fun, also I’m being fully sarcastic.

Then we disposed of all of this stuff properly. The rugs were  from a different project.

Happy Renovating,


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