The Best Wood Floors Ever {Also, I Love The Bachelorette/Bachelor Franchise}

I, Heather, love the bachelorette/bachelor franchise. I do not love this franchise because I believe it’s real. I fully believe there’s so much behind the scene orchestration of people on it. I do not love this franchise because it gives me hope for love (got that – found him in college, it all worked out). I love this franchise because it’s so totally uncomfortable in so many ways and it makes me laugh, because it’s like a super unrealistic romantic comedy which I love, and because Andy and I watch every season and his commentary alone makes it worth it. He is such a guy. Holla for the fantasy suite episodes!

Why am I telling you of my guilty pleasure? Because it’s the finale tonight, and this has been the most boring season ever but I’m still all in. I’m also writing this blog post during it so let’s try to see if I can get a cohesive blog post while watching The Bachelorette. This is the only time I have to do it, and I refuse to give up watching a dude who recites cringe worthy poetry every time he sees the lead (Side bar: he’s totally the guy I would have chosen if I was in her shoes. Poetry aside, he seemed awesome and had that whole tall dark and handsome thing going on that I seem to love – point and case, husband. Husband doesn’t write me poetry thank God, but he does build me stuff which is way better in my opinion).

Last we left off we were laying flooring, and then we were on vacation, or something in that order. All I know is there can only be so many posts about laying flooring, so let’s discuss what comes after laying flooring – finishing the floors!

To back it up:

  • Upstairs we have all beech, and downstairs (pictured below) we have red birch. The stairs are also beech.
  • That concludes this “back it up” session.

DSC_6146-01So here’s a big shocker to anyone who’s followed this blog for a long timeโ€”we hired out the finishing of our floors. I know, I know, sit down and breathe into a paper bag if you have to. When it came down to it, we knew we couldn’t finish the flooring as fast and as nice as Boucher’s Wood Floors. Dave Boucher, who owns the company, works on a lot of Andy’s jobs professionally and Andy knew he was the best in the business. We went to Home Depot and looked at sanders, we debated the cost of hiring it out professionally versus doing it ourselves, and in the end we just knew that Dave and his crew would be able to to do it in a lot less time, and with incredible results. So for the first time ever we bit the bullet and paid someone.

I’m going to rave about Boucher’s Wood Floors for just a second here, and none of this was paid/perked to say, these guys are incredible and worth every penny we paid them. They took so many little steps that made a huge difference. I’m going to do my best to describe these steps. His work speaks for itself and I hope I can show that. We’re so happy with our decision. All photos below took place over a two and a half day period since some drying time was required between coats.

To start, for each room they drum sanded and then edged each floor.

DSC_6164-01Once the primary sanding and edging is done, they then carefully go over the floor and add filler wherever it’s needed to ensure you have a perfect floor at the end. They tailor the fill to the type of floor you have, so it’s not a one size fits all which is great. It might look all crazy below but once it’s finished you can’t tell where any of it was not even on your hands and knees. I tried.

DSC_6169-01The step after this is a bit of a Boucher’s Wood Floors secret and while it might be okay to post, I don’t want to step on toes. The most I can say about the step after this is that it really steps up how beautiful the floors are when the entire process is completed.

Once the secret step is completed, Dave hand sanded the entire floor. This is a huge deal. Having a flooring company that meticulously hand sands the floor after they’ve already done so much prep work is unbelievable. These are the types of people you want in your home. I actually missed photos of this step because I tried, more or less, to stay out of his way.

Here comes a really unique part to Dave’s style. It might seem like common sense, but you’d honestly be surprised. After all sanding is complete they clean up the entire area. We’re talking not just cleaning up the direct area, but also any area that might potentially even get close to letting any dust onto the floors they are working with, or themselves. Not only did they vacuum these three floors with their super high powered vacuum, they also vacuumed our living room which they had to walk through. Then they went outside and sprayed themselves off with a compressor to get any tiny little fine particles off. Then they put on shoe guards to ensure there was no dust on them. Then, as a final step, Dave tied a piece of heavy duty paper towel around his forehead to ensure no drips would fall from his head onto the floor he was finishing because it was insanely hot out. This is how meticulous he is.

DSC_6177-01Even more meticulous than that?

He did the sealer and all subsequent layers of flooring by hand.

YOU GUYS. By hand.

Every layer.

Every. Single. Inch of the floor.

They even buffed down the stairs and put another coat on the stairs just so all the finishes matched.

DSC_6179-01 DSC_6180-01 DSC_6184-01When all was said and done we ended up going with a satin finish for the floors. We wanted a slight sheen without a high-gloss. Knowing we have two large dogs, and that we really live in our home we knew for sure there would be claw marks at some point. Any finish would still show them, but a satin would be far less than high-gloss.

Oh how we love these floors. Below are the upstairs second bedroom and the downstairs bedroom. 

DSC_6215-01 DSC_6210-01 DSC_6206-01The piece de resistance is for sure the master bedroom. I love this room more and more each day. It just feels so peaceful.

DSC_6221-01 DSC_6231-01

Can I tell you one last thing? I never thought floors could be so darn comfortable. I don’t know if it’s the finish, his style or what but it feels awesome under bare foot. I love walking around upstairs for no reason but to just walk around. Weird, I know. Wave your weird flag if you have one – *weird flag waved*.

So the end of it is this, even if you can do something yourself assess if it’s really the best option. As capable as Andy is, and as nice as the floors would have been if he did them, it would have taken him a lot longer and they wouldn’t have been as incredible as they turned out. I wouldn’t have known the difference, but now I do. We will definitely be hiring them again when we redo all the floors in the original house if funds permit. Which, by the way, they were really reasonable on.

If you’re in Maine and you need new floors definitely give a call to Dave over at Boucher Wood Floors. Best in the business guys, seriously.



3 thoughts on “The Best Wood Floors Ever {Also, I Love The Bachelorette/Bachelor Franchise}

  1. The floors look AWESOME! So nice. I really like the light/natural finish you chose. I also think you made the right call on hiring them out. Husband refinished the floors at our first house himself. It was not a pleasant job and neither of us was happy with the quality of the finish we got in the end. There are times when professional help is absolutely worth it. Dave’s attention to detail is amazing.

  2. Hi Heather,

    First, you’re hilarious! And second, the floors look beautiful!

    I love the beams in your house! We have an old house too (I call it “where the seventies went to die”) and it is an adventure every single day.

    I’m a newbie here, so I’ll just explore the ole homestead if ya don’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Annie XO

    1. Aww welcome, Annie! I love the phrase “where the seventies went to die”. Thanks for the laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy taking a look around the homestead!


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