The Deck Is Back On The Roster

I’m hesitant to definitively state what we’ll be working on this summer because we’re still figuring that all out, but over the last week or so I decided the deck was making it back on the roster. When we built our deck a few summers ago (here, here, here, here and here) we knew we would eventually have to refinish the railings. All wood requires upkeep and our mahogany rail is no different.

So while the deck railing looked like this when we finished:

DSC_6941-01It now looks a little more like this:

DSC_9004-01DSC_9005-01I am officially throwing the gauntlet down against myself to get this project done by the fall. Now I’m putting in on my blog too.

At least the deck doesn’t still look like the photo below. I think we can all agree even a worn rail is indescribably better than the previous hazard. That makes me feel better at least.

Deck_BeforeHere we go! Now stop grumbling me, you did this to myself. Wait, what?



4 thoughts on “The Deck Is Back On The Roster

    1. It most definitely has lit a fire under me! I walk out that deck every morning to get to my car and now it’s like “oh right, I need to do that. I sort of put that out there. Damn.” I’m a pretty externally motivated person so it works well for me! It is pretty amazing to see the old deck vs. the new deck. Shocking might be a better word. That old one…woof.


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