The Dog Days of March

Can I get a holy hallelujah high-five for the fact it was 70 degrees today? This is huge. Last year it was cold until June. As you can imagine much of the day was spent outside and my nose freckles, or dirt smudge as I call them, have started their migration to the surface of my skin. I wear sunscreen every day but somehow they still come out—mysteries. Another mystery is how towels dried outside smell so darn good all of the time.

Besides having plenty of vitamin D soak into my skin today and warm my bones up, I took the dogs out into the field to play while Andy worked on my car.

He originally was going to replace my thermostat since I’ve had no heat almost all winter in my car…then he found out I have an exhaust leak…then he found out I have a leak in my header gasket. Which is very bad news, but if anyone can fix it without it costing a fortune it’s the hubs-a-baloo. Total faith & trust.

Now I could have made this post about fixing the car but I can’t bear to show photos of oil mixed with water because I’m trying to ignore the fact that it seems I wasn’t too far off from experiencing white smoke rolling out from under my hood. Cross your fingers it can be fixed. A new car is not in the plan. At least, it’s not in our plan. It might be in God’s plan. It’s often the case that our plans coincide, but every now and again a loop is thrown in there just to remind me I’m not in charge.

Winnie & Primrose however had total faith and trust in playing ball and a cold muddy puddle to keep them cool. I maintain the following photo proves that dogs can smile. Just look at Winnie’s face.

That, my friends, is a happy dog. Primrose also looks like she’s jovial most of the time. I’m not sure a better word describes her.

When Winnie is interested in what you’re doing and wants it, she gives you this face. I could have been holding a ball, or bacon. You have to build up a tolerance to those big round “please” lab eyes.

When Winnie gets serious about play, (she is a bred hunting dog after all) she lowers her entire body to the ground and stares at you, ready to run at top speed at a moments notice.

And Primrose? Well, she’s just cute. Don’t let her fool you though, she will attempt to steal anything Winnie is playing with by running full tackle into her—and then promptly drops whatever it was about 6 feet from you…

…and stares at you. Now, she knows how to bring it right to you. But she won’t 8 out of 10 times. I have yet to figure out why, but sometimes she gets this huge grin on her face and then hops around a little and then play-bows.

I’m pretty sure she’s intentionally messing with me.

I love these two clowns.

Time to wake these two up from their naps and go spray all that mud off.



3 thoughts on “The Dog Days of March

  1. You got some great expressions there! And I know those expressions all too well, I just don’t know how you got the talent to capture them on camera!

    1. Aww thanks, Anne! I just play around with my camera on manual and see what happens. 🙂 I have no formal training, but I certainly do love it! The girls make it easy to catch expressions, they’re hilarious.


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