The Hunt For The…October Snowstorm? What the ….

In case you hadn’t heard, we got hit by a snowstorm this last weekend.

Let me remind you this was an October snowstorm. Yes, you are seeing orange, yellow and red on those trees.

You know, the ones covered in thick snow?

Here in Maine, we’re used to snow. However that said, snow before Halloween is admittedly a little weird.

Flurries are not weird.

We’re talking snow.

We got about 8″-10″ where I live, and lost power for about 24 hours. It wasn’t even done snowing when this photo was taken.

You should be aware immediately that me + camera = lots of photos.

Me + Camera + No Power = insane amount of photos.

It’s a good thing I didn’t have anything out on the clothesline. Talk about stiff jeans.

The over dried  garlic for next year was all, “what the frig-a-tron?”

The trees were all, “way to ease into it buddy” in their sarcastic tone. It’s a little known fact that trees get super sarcastic the closer to winter it is. They’re pretty tired and ready for a long nap at that point. Admit it, you get slightly irritable and sarcastic too when you’re over tired.

No? Just me?


Let’s just note again the upper left hand of this photo.


And at a step or twelvehundred back.

You may be taking this as me complaining. You are sadly mistaken. I was outside in full winter garb at 7am laying in the snow, eating it, making snow angels and playing snow ball with the dogs.

This was snow ball snow people. Not fluffy snow. This was wet wonderful snow.

I need to stress that I love when it’s snowing out. I am that person in Maine. The one who loves living here for so many reasons, snow being one of them. The one who still jumps up and down at the first snow fall and annoys everyone around them complaining of snow in the forecast with a big dumb grin on her face.

Let me reitterate that I also drove home in this storm, at night, on an unplowed highway without studded tires and it was slightly concerning. I was also a little super excited that we were getting as much snow as we were.

After playing outside for a while with the dogs I came indoors to dry my boots and work on my Pinterest Challenge for this week.

Sneaky Peak!

Since we had now power I also did the following:

  • Reluctantly made sauerkraut with the bunch of cabbage we had left.
  • Made a pair of mittens

  • Melted snow to wash dishes. Country girls love gas stoves.

  • Played about 1,000 rounds of ball with Winnie and Rosie. So of course, since we had no power, I took about 1,000 photos. Here are my favorites.

You see that happy face Winnie has? The super happy “please play ball with me I will love you forever if you just throw it one more time you’re the best mom in the world I love everything” face?

That’s kind of how I felt. Except I have to admit I was pretty happy to get the power back.

Happy Silver Lining {In The Snow Cloud},


2 thoughts on “The Hunt For The…October Snowstorm? What the ….

  1. Trees are tired at the end of summer and they look it until they put on their party clothes to celebrate their nap.

    I grew up in the Northeast and really like snow when it’s falling and the day after when its bright and sunny and beautiful. Then it can go away, thank you.

    That’s why I live near the ocean in Virginia now. Love the snow pictures!

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