The Real Life Jaws

Hey friends! I’ve been on radio silence for the last week or more because I’ve been in Martha’s Vineyard since Thursday to see one of my dearest friends get married, was traveling on Wednesday and getting ready before that! I wish I had more photos to show you, but I only took my small camera and simply didn’t have time to take a lot. So here we go and I’ll fill in the gaps.

As whirlwind as it was, and as exhausted as I am now—it was a really nice time. Right from the moment I hit Woods Hole one of my other old friends (we met in a ball pit right before third grade started) picked me up, showed me around and took me out to lunch. It turns out the area is huge into marine biology, and they had a small free aquarium we could go through.

Seeing seals is adorable, but it downright helps when you miss your puppies. Why? Just look at that face! There’s a reason they are known for having a dog like face. I wanted to snuggle it. Except they need water and I need air—that and I would have been arrested.

She also took me to this beautiful lighthouse.

Once I got on the ferry it was off to the Vineyard with a few of the other bridesmaids, who also happen to be from the town I grew up in. It’s rare I get to see and catch up with some of the people I grew up with and their families. We all live all over the place, so it’s wonderful to get the time to see them again. During our ride this seagull was riding in the wind behind the ferry. He was over the open deck and we were convinced he was going to crap all over everyone on the deck. He turned just in time to crap over the ocean and you could hear an audible laugh/gasp from quite a few people. Thankfully he did not crap, because he was facing me. Also I know this is a boy seagull because I named him Livingston, like the book. Thus, he’s a boy.

Once we got to the island things get a little hairy in the photo department, but we did get to spend at least a few hours on South Beach, which I could see from our hotel. What you’re not seeing in this photo is a curious seal who kept popping their head up to look at us. There have also been sightings of great white sharks in this area since there is a big populations of seals.

I didn’t need some real life jaws action going on, so I dipped up to my knees and then hung out on the blanket with two of the other ladies for an hour or so.

So skip forward through all of the other wedding items, and this is the real reason I was there. This lady is my beautiful friend Laura, and she is about as big as a peanut. This was after a ceremony on a very windy beach so I look slightly disheveled.

Okay, let me explain why I actually look disheveled.

I loved my bridesmaid dress, and I still do. I would absolutely wear it other places.

After I reinforce the seams.

Why? Well. After the ceremony was over we were hanging out waiting for photos with the entire bridal party (there were 20 of us total including the bride and groom), I was joking with Laura about how I should have walked like Egor down the aisle since I have a slightly crooked back. While dragging my back leg in the sand it apparently put too much pressure on the seam down the back.

You get where I’m going with this?

The seam ripped RIGHT up to and just below my tush. And I had to take all of the formal photos with my dress in the wind…and my butt. Talk about a cool ocean breeze. I held it shut as much as I could, and profusely laughed, apologized and pretended I wasn’t mortified. We even took a jumping photo with all of the groomsmen behind all of the bridesmaids. Sorry dudes. I also ended up with giant scratch on my upper arm that I don’t know how I got. Must have been those Martha’s Vineyard gang members I single handed fought off. I’m tough. That or it was a branch on the path back. I can’t be sure.

Thankfully one of the bridesmaids had a safety pin on her, and we used it to pin my dress shut so I could walk back to the hotel with some dignity. I immediately grabbed a sewing kit, went into a bathroom in the bride and grooms cottage, and sewed that baby shut. Thank you Mom for teaching me how to sew. Also thank you for teaching me to laugh at situations you have no control over and could be considered hilarious.

After all was said and done I got up nice and early this morning and headed back home. It was a long morning, a long drive and I am tired, a little sick and sleepy as all get out. It was a wonderful time though.

I didn’t get to see a lot of the Vineyard, and I’m not sure I’d go back. Not because it isn’t beautiful, clearly it is. It just takes so darn long to get there and we’re not really summer island people.

We’re more of the set up a second woodshop in your garage and plane boards…which is exactly what I came home to.

More on that later. For now? Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.



P.S. My friend Brittany, who is hands down one of the funniest people you may ever meet and I wish you could all know, says “hi” (she told me to tell you all that when at the wedding yesterday). Britt is a nutritionist and writes a blog about vegan cooking and yes, she has a vegan recipe for cadbury eggs. You’re welcome.

Britt, I told you I was using this photo. I know payback is coming.


6 thoughts on “The Real Life Jaws

  1. LOVE the photos you took! Totally didn’t need the big camera, just a good eye!
    We must not wait so long to see each other again! Missed you the second I dropped you off!!

  2. After I saw your comment on YHL I had to come over here to see if you posted about your ripped-dress-at-a-wedding story. And you did not disappoint! Mine happened a week after yours and was a result of me exiting a cab with entirely too much gusto..but pretty much same story otherwise.

    I too thanked the gods that I was able to laugh it off and went ahead and enjoyed the rest of the night, dancing and all, with husband strategically placed behind me and butt facing corner of room (although my sister assured me you couldn’t see anything too inappropriate, you can never be too safe.)

    And the dress? I’m totally wearing it to work right now with a cardigan, because I also know how to sew thanks to my mom.

    Love your blog!

    1. hahaha I’m glad you like the blog – and I’m glad I didn’t disappoint! I see your comments regularly on YHL and I’ve been to your blog too, to read it. It’s awesome!


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