The Small Things

I hold that while the big things are nice, it’s the little things that really matter in a relationship. I don’t mean a romantic relationship either. Have you ever had a friend who just got it? The ones who don’t care if your house is messy, they just love having a warm cup of tea with you. The ones who don’t care what you look like, just as long as you can laugh together. These are the people I keep around me in my personal life, and it means the world to me. It never ceases to totally surprise me though when one of these awesome people does something that seems so small to some, but is so meaningful. Recently one of my friends, Meg, did this for me.

When Meg and her husband showed up a few weeks ago to visit with Andy and I, and another couple we love hanging out with, she came with a beautiful old basket in hand. It was stunning. She then handed it to me. I didn’t know why. Her answer was simple: she thought of me when she saw it. That alone meant so much to my heart. Then she told me the story behind it. An elderly woman had passed away on the small island where her family has a home. Meg walked by as the woman’s family was cleaning out the house and spotted the basket. They were getting rid of it. She thought of me and saved it. It was a little mildewy too so she cleaned it, and then painted the outside of it. Simply because she thought I would like it. My heart melted a little bit.

DSC_8147After melting at the little details on it from the hand painting on top (original) to the rusted nails and hinges, I opened it to find something else.

DSC_8137Not only had Meg saved this beautiful basket for me, she then also filled it with other treasures she found along her way that made her think of me…

…sweet vintage napkins…

DSC_8138…a beautiful recipe box…

DSC_8141…with recipe separators still inside…

DSC_8142….she even remembered one my favorite tea, Rooibos.  When I said it was one of my favorites she smiled and said “I know, I remembered.”

DSC_8139Once I got to the bottom I realized it wasn’t a normal basket – it was a pie basket. I had been casually looking for a pie basket that I loved for a while. This basket is going to be something I take good care of so I can hopefully be carrying pies and other yummy things in it for a long time to come. It’s so beautiful, but the meaning behind it is even more beautiful to me.

DSC_8143 DSC_8145 DSC_8144I’m an extremely sentimental person, but it’s something that’s hard for me to admit and express sometimes in person, though I’m never shy of saying a very genuine thank you. Spilling my sentimental guts is where it gets hard for me, so it’s easier for me to write.

The point is, sometimes it’s the smallest thing in life that mean the most to people and I’m one of those people. Then again, I guess that’s why I have the friends I do. We care about each other in the small ways. The ways that we’ll do something just because it made us think of the other and we know they would appreciate it. It’s not about being lovey dovey, it’s not about looking for a “thank you”, it’s simply about expressing appreciation for who the person is. I hope I return this to my friends enough, because they make my life so colorful and wonderful and beautiful.

I’m so thankful for friends. Also, I’m thankful for friends who love salvaging and saving beautiful pieces, and picking the free tables at the dump as much as I do.

Do small things mean a lot to you too? Are you sentimental also?


3 thoughts on “The Small Things

  1. This is so sweet! I heard once that friends are the family we choose ourselves and I think that it so true. How kind of your friend to think of you! I love finding things I know my friends will enjoy, being able to bring a smile to someone’s face with a small gift is such a wonderful feeling.
    I can’t bare seeing something useful put out on the street for the garbage. My boyfriend and I always save what we can! All of our dining chairs were found on the street and once painted and recovered will make a beautiful mismatched bunch! 😀

    1. That’s so sweet of you to get small things for your friends! Also, that’s awesome that your boyfriend and you save things from the garbage. I bet your kitchen chairs look awesome!


  2. That is true friendship, indeed. What an absolutely lovely gesture, full of thoughtfulness and generosity. You must have been so touched. The basket is just gorgeous, you’ll always treasure that I’m sure. I started when I saw the recipe box, as I have the exact same one! It was sitting up in a cupboard in my kitchen, and now I’ve placed it out on the counter where I can see it – seeing yours made me realized that I wasn’t appreciating it enough! I wonder where and when they were made?

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