The Tasty ‘Tatoe Harvest

Back when I built the classiest potato box ever, I was interested in testing how it worked in comparison to a row of potatoes. I was also wondering if we would really yield more back than we planted. Frankly, I wanted to try it just to try it. I had no preconception about how it would go, but I truly enjoy trying new growing concepts in my garden and this seemed like a good one to give a go.

PotatoHarvest (11)After a summer of growing, the moment of truth came. Oh, and yeah, we harvested the potatoes back in August. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am nothing if not timely in posting sometimes.

PotatoHarvest (1)PotatoHarvest (2)We eventually pulled the whole box off the soil pile once it was loose and started slowly and carefully digging through the soil.

PotatoHarvest (5)WE STRUCK GOLD. 

PotatoHarvest (3)At first we were like “there’s no way this can be it” and then as if by the magic of logic, we were proved right.

PotatoHarvest (4)….and then like a growing miracle, we started getting more and more.

PotatoHarvest (6)We even pulled up some beet greens from a nearby patch that had been overtaken with weeds.

PotatoHarvest (7)The tasty, soily, pieces of delight made my heart fill with joy.

PotatoHarvest (9)We kept them for a while, but then I couldn’t resist and we ate them as simple as possible – cut up if they were big enough and roasted with olive oil (still raw in the picture below).

PotatoHarvest (10)The final analysis?

I would say that we didn’t yield many more potatoes than when we grew them in rows. That said, it took up a lot less space in our garden and that’s a huge plus. Will we grow potatoes again? Maybe.


  • There are certain vegetables, like tomatoes, that taste about 1,000 times better than anything you’ll get in the store. Potatoes pretty much taste like potatoes. I would say these taste slightly better.
  • The seed stock yielded about the same amount of potatoes as I planted, and were more expensive than a bag of organic potatoes at the store.


  • They are really fun to harvest. It’s a blast going out and digging and trying to see what you might get.
  • Regardless of the harvest size, or whether the taste is significantly different than store bought, there’s something about growing your own food that is very very satisfying.

So we’ll see if we do this again. I’m more than happy to support the farmers who are at the farmers market and buy potatoes from them, but I don’t know if I can give up digging in that giant pile and wondering what I’ll find.

It’s just so fun.





2 thoughts on “The Tasty ‘Tatoe Harvest

  1. I love the vertical potatoe patch. I fond that through the spring as I have one or two taters that get a little spongy w/eyes, I just cut then near the eyes and stic them in a bucket the start growing. Once it warms a bit I put them in the garden box. I’m always surprised with what comes out. I ha reds, Yukon gold and white all in the same box.
    I never pay for starters, there are always a couple of eyed potatoes in the bottom of a 20# bag.

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