Things Only Adults Get Excited Over: Appliances

I never thought I would get excited about new (to us) appliances, except maybe a stove. I love six burner stoves. Ok, I only realized that as an adult. Point made.

Our dishwasher has been on the out and out. I know dishwashers are luxuries, so I’m just happy to have one. Ours is getting pretty bad but we decided to hang onto it until it finally crapped the bed by either literally ceasing to work, or until it just wasn’t cleaning anymore. That was until my mother, who recently bought a house, got new appliances and emailed me to ask if I wanted her “old dishwasher” and fridge.  This is more about the dishwasher though, the excitement was undeniable.

She sent me these photos via text of the dishwasher.

Are you kidding me?! That thing isn’t old – it has electronic buttons! It’s clean – it’s *tear in the eye* beautiful. Oh, and yes, we will take it. We will take it so fast you…ok, I have nothing. Yes, we want it. Our current dishwasher has twisty knobs on it and doesn’t clean very well – c’est problem.

So about a week ago we took our pickup truck to Mum’s after work and picked up the one she’s replacing.  Because I’m super great at planning, I only had a few shots on my iphone. That’s a nice er, fridge.

 Yesterday Andy replaced both appliances. The dishwasher removal started like this, and then  – then I refused to take anymore photos to show you.

We live in the country. I just want to keep it real for a minute. The country, and New England in general, have mice and they aren’t Cinderellas Gus Gus. Let’s just say it’s not all glamorous. We trap at least 2 every fall/winter. The mice, over the years, chewed up that dishwasher insulation and er, uh, ahem, left a mess of it. It required vacuuming and then me going crazy cleaning, anywhere the dishwasher had ever touched, with chemicals. I promised myself I would mention it in the blog post though, so I am. And yes, it makes me gag thinking about it. I was nice enough not to subject you to photos of it though. That’s just too much.

So the point is – we went from taking the old one out, Andy going to home depot to get a new supply line because it was installed all crazy by the previous owners, me cleaning like a mad woman, and finally installing the new one.

I put this mother to the test by putting a day old spaghetti pan in it (that I left that way on purpose) just to see if it could clean it. I don’t really recommend this method, but I just had to try it. The verdict? This dishwasher is beautiful. It’s super quiet. It’s energy efficient and damn can it clean.  We in no way need a dishwasher, but I sure am happy to have it.

It’s even better in person, and yep, that is already a dirty hand print on the top. Mr. A has already deduced that we cannot have white appliances in our home when we renovate and upgrade everything. It will all be stainless steel. There is just too much outside/dirty work that goes on that comes into the home.

Here’s the fridge too.

I genuinely do not care that it sticks out way too much. It’s a really nice one and will last us a long time. Yay for upgraded appliances! As an FYI – we’re selling our old fridge, but our dishwasher was a no go. Due to the supply line and a couple other issues it needs to be scrapped, there’s no way to save it. It will get as recycled as it possibly can though – it’s not going to a dump.

There was literally never a day in my life I once thought I would get so excited about new (to us) appliances, and on top of it write a 650 word blog post for the world to read.

Dreams kids. This is what you’re missing out on.

Happy Excitedness Only An Adult Would Feel (and loving it),


P.S. My mom was pretending to protect her fridge, so obviously I took a photo. I jokingly told her I was going to use it on my blog. She said go for it. I told her I really really was going to even though it’s a ridiculous picture. She said, “I don’t care – do it!”.  So here you go, my mom in all her glory. Mwahahaha. Love you Mom.


One thought on “Things Only Adults Get Excited Over: Appliances

  1. I too love my new appliances.It is no sin. They are the Frigidaire Gallery stainless that doesn’t show fingerprints. And they really don’t!! And do you realize I just had an epiphany that Frigidaire is named that because they started out selling fridges & they have “frigid air.” ? Seriously I am 55 & this just occured to me?? And why is there a D in fridge but not refrigerator? Life is just full of mysteries. I am so going to that shop on Exhange St. And I am glad you took what I used to call “a running away day.” Sometimes you just need to sit on a beach & veg…Mwah, Mum

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