Things That Haunt Me

I wrote this post about 2 weeks ago, and just noticed it today. Convenient since it’s Halloween and all. I thought I would share five things that haunt me, in no particular order.

Glad I didn’t catch this tomorrow. It might include the picture of a turkey and a scale.

1.) Scary movies.

Yes, this movie made me cry as a child and we had to leave the theater. How is Little Head not totally creepy? I remember screaming when he came on screen and bawling my eyes out. This still freaks me out.  At least I’m an adult and I know it’s all makeup. It does not negate that it’s still effed up looking. Not a fan.

I don’t do well with any sort of spooky scary movies. I saw part of  IT (the clown) on tv when I was about five. My sister, who loves scary movies, got me to watch it and laughed at me. She’s the best big sister ever. My mother was less than impressed and we got in trouble. IT (literally) did bad things for my relationships with clowns. Side note, Steven King taught my mother English in school. Weird small world.

Movies styling I do well with:



Straight Comedies.



Those last two are real, I will maintain that forever with a stubborn grin.

If it’s not meant specifically to be a slasher flick or scary I’m probably pretty good. I will give almost any comedy a chance due to my loving of laughing hysterically. Don’t you dare even bring Paranormal into my house, I’ll die inside a little.

2.) Desserts.

Ok, they only haunt my thighs.

Except it’s not really a haunting, because the results are clearly seen.

I am not complaining about this, it’s just a fact. This will not result in me eating less dessert.

3. Meat-On-A-Stick


(photo from

Not me.

Note. Not meat in stick form, like jerky.

Hotdog. Fine. Hotdog on a stick. Weird.

Exception – Chinese food beef teriyaki.

Or kabobs.

Ok, I guess it’s just really corndogs.

Something about a battered hotdog grosses me out, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying one.

Especially after I saw them made on The Pioneer Woman.

4.) Dog hair

I love my dogs. I wouldn’t give them to anyone for the world. They are my babies, my wonderful babies.

Their fur gets everywhere though, especially between summer and fall. I cannot explain this. My house is currently being invaded by dog fur. If I was so inclined I could spin fiber out of it, and then crochet a sweater.


I would never spin dog hair, nor do I know how to crochet a sweater.

The vacuum is on constant standby.

In other words – it never leaves the Common Room.

Our vaccum is a full size shop vac.

I’m very stylish in my decor.

5.) Messy socks.

Loads of white, messy socks I have impossibly tried to match up multiple times.

I would take a picture of it, but I’m not sure my camera has a lens wide angle enough. Ok, I’m lying. They are contained to a beautiful old wooden chest of decent size.

By contained I mean exploding out of the top.

How on earth did I get that many white socks, and why is there dog hair all over them?

I do not place them like this.

A monster does this.

I believe said monster looks like this.

I swear they are always folded perfectly every time I put them away.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.




P.S. Said sock monster is for sale here. This company in no way knows I exist, I just happened to google sock monster and found them – and they are terrifyingly cute. Maybe he can come live at your house for a while and stop ravaging my perfectly washed and folded socks.

I’ll even let him bring some dog hair.

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