This Is Not A Test

This is real you guys. We are officially in our master bedroom.

I need to go take a few deep breaths. It’s so surreal! I’ll write more later, but I couldn’t even stand to wait so a quick Sunday night post it is. I feel like I need Lamaze right now, minus the intense labor pains.



3 thoughts on “This Is Not A Test

  1. Oh Heather! This is so very lovely – serene, elegant, simple. I love the wood trim and I don’t usually like that – but in this setting and in that light wood with the grey white paint it is so beautiful. I look forward to seeing more.
    I also left another comment on your post regarding using up pantry items – quite a useful post to me.

  2. Hello Heather,
    Your home is so beautiful and you are so blessed to have such a talented husband!

    I’m curious to know where you found your bed? I’ve been looking for a few years and yours has the simple, classic style I love.


    1. Hi Emery! We got our bed at a place called The Hub in Portland in 2006. It’s a mission style bed if that helps your search. Shaker Style or Arts & Crafts style are two others with similar simplicity.


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