Barn Timberframing + Tom Cruise

Almost exactly one year ago Mr. A was Bringing Down The Barn on our property. It also happened to be one of my very first blog posts ever. A year later so many things have already changed. The garden is expanded, fruit trees are in, and it’s no longer weird not having that old blue barn. In fact with the way mother nature gently restores things, you would never know there had ever been a barn to begin with.

This year as we start the new barn the days aren’t as warm as they seemed to have been last year, we most definitely haven’t had a single mosquito yet, and there is a lot more snow on the ground still.  We did however have an unexpected guest stop in to help out with construction.

Tom Cruise, circa the 1980’s, stopped by to help Mr. A start framing. Okay, maybe it was my brother in law who lives with us, but we’ve decided to refer to him as Tom Cruise (a la Risky Business) after seeing those sunglasses. He’s far cooler than Tom Cruise is though, or, at least I’m assuming so. I don’t picture Tom Cruise really framing a barn in 40 degree weather with howling bitter cold wind. Thus soon to be B.I.L = Cooler than Tom Cruise, literally and figuratively.


I digress.

This barn will be built with timbers cut and sawed from Mr. A’s childhood home woodlot and  reclaimed wood from the old blue barn (may it rest in peace). Tom Cruise said he saw a prefabricated barn of the same dimensions at Home Depot for $15,000. Yikes. To date this one has far more character and has only cost a couple hundred according to Mr. A. This is where I feel like a lucky little lady for snagging Mr. A. Not to mention I live with Tom Cruise  (I had no idea until today).  I sure hope he doesn’t start sliding around in socks and boxer briefs though.

I digress – again.

Step 1 and 2: Cut the timbers and start loading them into the tractor.

Step 3: Start placing the timbers. Screw with them for a couple minutes until it’s square. Make multiple Tom Cruise jokes.

Step 4:  Get cold, go inside, eat something hot since it’s pretty darn cold outside, fall asleep unexpectedly with the dog.

Step 5: Wake up confused. Go back outside, hang out on the tractor. Completely forget to take pictures of Tom Cruise and Mr. A cutting and fitting the floor joists perfectly.

Step 6: Go inside, write out wedding invitation envelopes, hear the boys coming back inside and remember to run back out before dark to get a picture of the completed joists.

Since Mr. A & I were up into the mountains overnight the boys finished all of this in only about 4 hours today. I’m thrilled to see how fast the rest of it goes.  What we were doing up in the mountains will be written about later this week. Let’s just say it was pretty muddy out and as Primrose might tell you – it’s her cup of dog bone flavored tea:

Happy Spring Project Starting,


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