Our Trouble Maker

Labs are sneaky. Especially that one on the left. She’s also incredibly sweet.

But she’s still pretty sneaky.

Tonight I came home to find my small bucket of Kokum Butter destroyed. I then went into the office/soap room and found beeswax pellets everywhere. The other day I found a small chewed up container of shea butter. I swear I had these high enough. Do you think the IRS would believe me if I told them my dog ate my raw materials?

As I rounded the corner I saw two things:

Winnie smiling and ready to play. She did not care.

Primrose in the back of the kennel hunched over with her ears folded back.

She’s our trouble maker.

She’s pretty cute isn’t she?

It helps her get out of trouble.

Sometimes she chews up makeup. Mr. A says it’s because she knows beauty is on the inside.

Sometimes she finds raw materials for soap and lotion making and devours them. This is a new development.

Sometimes we find her butt up (face down) in the food bucket when we forget to seal the top properly.

Sometimes she chews up the recycleables.

Sometimes she carries my bra’s around.

Sometimes during playtime she grabs Winnie’s collar and runs, with Winnie still wearing it.

Sometimes she ironically chews up copies of Marley and Me.

Sometimes when we go swimming she rolls in brush. In fact, she does this a lot.  Sometimes she goes swimming where ducks and beavers are and even though both dogs go, Primrose contracts duck itch and we have to spend lots of money at the vets and shave her.

She looked pretty silly all summer, and I felt pretty bad. I never thought I’d buy dog sunscreen. I did.

So what happens when Primrose does something wrong? She comes over and tries to make friends again. She’ll snuggle up to your legs and do this:

Then you can’t stay even remotely mad so you take her outside to do her favorite thing ever. Play ball. She loves ball. Plus, let’s face it – the girls got spring fever. Time for our long nightly walks in the field again.

Overall she’s a sweet dog and people adore her. So gentle and sweet with people (but so nuts when it’s playtime) we’re looking into making her a therapy dog. So so so so sneaky when we aren’t around though, little bugger.

Damn she’s cute.

Happy Cleaning Up,


Psst – Don’t let Winnie fool you. She’s a snuggle bug but she sure has her own sneakiness going on.  Sneaky Sneaky Dogs.

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