Tupperware Meltdown

This has nothing to do with melting my tupperware, though that would be an intensely weird post. This post has to do with me getting frustrated with our tupperware organization. I know I said I’d give you an update on those walnut tables or the crocheted pinterest challenge rug, and they are coming I’m just editing them. In the mean time – we’re talking tupperware.

See, our kitchen is pretty small as it comes. I could lay on one counter and almost touch the wall of the other side with my feet. I’m being literal when I say that. We also have a lot of cabinets, but they are in a weird layout, including a corner cabinet that is very deep, very wide and very. very. messy.

Heaven to Betsy! Do you see what I mean?

Here’s the deal. This corner cabinet holds all of our tupperware. I organize this about once every one to two months but sure enough in no time it looks like this again. I am just as guilty as anyone else for this. I unload the dishwasher in a hurry, get annoyed and chuck goes the tupperware into the cabinet.

Since the cabinet door fell off (partially and then I got frustrated and took the whole thing off) it makes the chuck-n-go scenario a lot easier. Over the last couple weeks though I would see the cabinet and it would drive me up a wall. I knew there had to be a better solution than the ‘organize to complete chaos’ method.

Since it’s mainly me who uses this cabinet, I decided to organize it in a method I found easiest, which is likely not easiest for anyone else. I paired up tupperware with lids if I could except for my rubbermaid stuff. I have so much of it that I would run out of room super fast if I put all the lids on. So I took 3 photo boxes ($2.50 a piece at AC Moore) and did the following:

  • Glassware Covers (for our glass/pyrex)
  • Red Covers (these are our rubbermaid covers)
  • Miscellaneous covers (some of these fit other ones, or I currently can’t find the piece it fits but I know it’s around here)

I ended up tossing a bunch of covers and tupperware I knew we didn’t have the pair for anymore, or that Rosie chewed up. Yep, our trouble maker would snag a piece out of that open cabinet every once in a while and we’d come home to a piece with chew marks in it. Speaking of the goons, Winnie decided this was the perfect time for me to play with her peppermint (i.e. soft hockey puck). Sorry for the crap photos, I was too tired to grab my slowly failing external flash or tripod, and it was dark so I threw it on automatic and let the built-in flash go to town.

When all was said and done, the corner cabinet ended up looking like this:


If you think it won’t look anything like this in another week raise your hand.

*raises hand*

Happy Organization (even if it doesn’t last),


2 thoughts on “Tupperware Meltdown

  1. This reminds me of the Tupperware joke about having 5 round containers and 2 square lids. Great job on getting the cupboard organized. I love your realism. Cupboards, Laundry, and Dishes all share a common trait. 😉

    1. Here’s the awesome news, Jesse – the cabinet has stayed like this more or less for a while! In fact, it became even more organized because I re-laid out where I kept my pressure canner. It’s been SO refreshing to know where everything is after a long day at the office!


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