Unplugging To Recharge

Even with renovations in full swing, Andy and I took some time away this weekend to unplug, relax and head up to camp. We go every year for the Fourth of July, and meet other family members up there. It takes a while to get into camp since it’s way down old logging roads, deep in the woods of Maine, on a lake. It’s not like a typical “cottage” camp you might think of, or out in a tent. We have plumbing (in the summer) but that’s about it. In other words, it’s wonderful.

Every year we enjoy the fact that the black flies of Memorial Day are gone, which means we can spend more time outside without being covered head to toe. The fishing is always better this time of year too and we were pretty excited to get out on the boat with everyone. Once we got up there we realized that my father-in-law’s friend Jess, and I, had forgot our fishing licenses. Camp is far too deep in the woods to leave and go get them so instead Jess and I went along for the boat rides, helped choose lures for the boys and just enjoyed beautiful days on the lake. The perch were biting good and we even got a fair amount of small mouth bass on the lines. The perch got smoked up for part of dinner one night, while the bass were released.

Winnie spent most of her days in the lake swimming around chasing the hunting bumper and splashing to her hearts content.

Rosie discovered fishing while Andy was casting off the rocks. Once she realized she could see the fish under the water she stood there watching them and then out of nowhere she dove right in. When I say dove in, I mean she was completely submerged under water for at least 10 seconds trying to catch a fish. We thought it was a fluke, but it wasn’t. It turns out our birding dog is actually a fishing dog. At times she was more graceful in her diving, at other times well…it looked like this. Whenever we got her on the boat and a fish got on, Rosie would perk right up and start wagging.

When we weren’t on the boat, I was playing around with my macro lens when I came across a bunch of dragon flies playing amongst some of the foliage I was practicing my manual focusing on. Once I saw them I switched back to auto-focus so I might actually catch something. These are cropped a little for detail; I didn’t even know my macro lens could take shots like this. I can only imagine what a high-end lens could catch.

These guys eventually flew off I had some fun with some of the other overgrown landscaping in the driveway area.

All in all we had a wonderful relaxing long weekend. It’s always nice to unplug from the world for a while, get off the grid and enjoy nature for the perfect, simple, brutal but beautiful thing it is. It helps you to remember why we’re here – and that we aren’t here to be constantly plugged in. I maintain there is absolutely nothing as beautiful as the small things in nature we so often miss.



4 thoughts on “Unplugging To Recharge

  1. Thanks for the refreshing photos you posted!
    The city where I live (Valencia, Spain) has been surrounded during these last five days by the worst forest fire since 199. And we are -literally- covered in ashes.

    Enjoy your vacation! Reading your previous post I’ve just realized how big is the reno you’re doing.

    1. Aww, thank you Anna! I just saw this – so sorry it’s taken so long to approve! I’m sorry to hear about the troubles in Valencia. I hope everything gets better soon for you (and everyone else there)!


    2. Thanks! The fire is gone now and the sky is clear again (but a big forest is totally burnt!)
      The pics of your swimming dog made me smile in an otherwise awful day! 🙂

    3. Aww I’m so glad to hear they are cheering the hearts up of people across the ocean. That makes me so happy. 🙂


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