Walking In The Weeds

It has most definitely been a Labor Day around here in all senses of the word. Make that, a Labor weekend/week. We’ve completely re-roofed the original house but I’ll talk more about that in the weekly Wednesday renovation recap in a couple days.

With all of the work on the house some of the other little things have fallen behind, primarily up-keeping the weeding.  Our garden? Weeds except for around the food that’s still growing. Our walkway? Weeds weeds weeds. I finally got sick of the weeds on the walkway primarily because every time I walked down it, in anything but boots, my feet would get wet from the morning dew. It drove me nuts. The point of having a walkway was so we didn’t have to walk over the grass and get our feet/pants wet.

Plus, let’s be honest with each other—this looks terrible. Straight up terrible. So I took a little time to go ape on those weeds. We have weed blocker underneath, but over time the witch grass has grown in over the edges and pulled it’s way across the walk. As a con, witch grass is a menace to society. As a pro (in this context) it’s easy to pull up. Witch grass is normally a nightmare to get rid of because any broken roots grow back 10 times worst. Thankfully the roots this time grew over the rocks so they were easy to get up.

About 45 minutes of work, and the walk was looking not only wider, but a lot better.

A few days later I tackled all the nasty witch grass and weeds between the walk pavers.See that pile of clumps of grass to the right of the pavers in the photo below? Those were all throughout the pavers. Yep, weedy.

These pavers will most likely be moved to look nicer, or they may end up all together in a different part of the yard. Until then it’s just nice to have a cleaned up walkway.

With the inside of the house still needing some tlc and cleaning it’s nice to see one area taken care of. Raise your hands if you need to wash your shower curtain, do some laundry, vacuum the dog hair, and organize your shelves in your makeshift bedroom.

*raises hand*

You may just find me laying on the walkway staring at the clouds. The weeded, wide, nice, walkway.



P.S. You may notice all of my photos from this post out will be watermarked. Blog scrapers are becoming notoriously scary and they scrape content straight from a blog and put it on a highly advertised site as original content, when it’s not. One way to help combat this is through watermarked photos. I hate to do it, but at this point it’s just necessary as I found one of my most popular posts scraped. Boo.

4 thoughts on “Walking In The Weeds

    1. Haha, I wish it was actual people stealing it! I’m pretty sure it’s bots (though, set up by people).


  1. Congratulations on the well-done weeding job! So sorry you are being scraped – personally I think the watermarking is a good idea even if not being scraped. I think I would add a copyright symbol too, if possible.

    1. Thankfully it looks like only one post has been scraped but maybe I’m being naive. It’s worth watermarking regardless. I should add in the copyright symbol.


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