Wedding Bells On The Horizon

Over a year ago, we got married in our backyard and it was amazing.

The week before the wedding though was crazy! Well, this is to let you guys know that another wedding is happening next weekend! Our neighbors son is getting married in the hayfield, which abuts our land. Actually, their tent will be set up right in the same background as the above photo.

Yesterday we had the bridal shower, which was a country tea party (yep, floppy hats and all) and it was a lot of fun. I’ll post more on it later, but this little guy was curious as to what on earth was happening that we were disturbing his perfect Sunday. Once people showed up he made himself scarce, but while it was just me he let me get about a foot from him. We, of course, had a little photo shoot. In my head, for just a fleeting moment, I pictured him jumping on me and me freaking out but he was a good little buddy and stayed put.

All in all what this means is this week I won’t be posting as much. On top of renovations, taking care of the garden, exercising the dogs, etc. we’ll also be prepping the yard so it looks nice. I’ll be getting at least one large, or two smaller, house posts up since a lot has happened and *cross your fingers* the roofing and windows should be in this week!

In the mean time I hope you all have a wonderful week and the Lord sends many blessings your way. What did you guys do this weekend? Anybody you know getting married? Did you attend a wedding? Work on your house?



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