Wedding Confession

I have a confession to make.

I don’t like planning large events. This includes my very own wedding.  There, I said it – I genuinely have a distaste for all the nitty gritty that goes into these events. Wedding binder? Not a chance. Wedding magazines? More like Living The Country Life and Grit.

It’s just not my thing. All the DIY projects are definitely my thing, but the rest of it? No thanks.

I’d like to think it’s  rather comical to watch me attempt this feat. I’m so out of my element. My neighbor had to remind me that I had to book the church for hours before the ceremony starts and for hours on the rehersal day. Duh, Heather. When you say it, it just makes sense – but did I think that on my own? Not a chance.

This is where I thank God for my fiance’s bosses wife. You catch that?

Fiance —> Boss —-> Wife.

This woman is a God send. She loves planning. She loves detail….and she loves helping to plan my wedding. All in exchange for babysitting her two super awesome kids. Now I’ll call that a deal and a half.

She nixed me making my own homemade marshmallows. Wait, I won’t have time to do that a week before the wedding? Oh. So yellow shoes don’t go with a cobalt blue bridesmaid dress when nothing else in the wedding is yellow? Well, son of a bee sting, how about that. She has me making lists, lists of things that need to be done. It’s totally overwhelming but completely worth it. I’d rather be overwhelmed now than in “oh crap” mode then, which is exactly where I was headed before this.  I’m telling you, this lady knows her stuff and that is a good thing, because the only stuff I know is how to prune a plum tree. Which, I might add, is precisely what I was doing when she showed up.

I should also mention she was a producer and stylist for magazines for many years. The woman has an eye for detail. Thank God, my eye at this point is only on fishing (starts April 1st).

So all I have to say is this. Thank God for my fiance’s bosses wife, because all I’m focused on right now to get through this is the thought of a cold beer, a quiet camp, a fishing rod in hand and you know, actually being married.  Hopefully this scenario will look something along these lines:

Mr. A says it’s not too late to send out “Just kidding, we eloped” cards. It’s tempting but even more tempting is a barbecue, and band, with a ton of people I like, so I think we’ll stick with it.

When all is said and done I might not completely love wedding planning, but I sure do love bass fishing, and that’s my visualization technique to get through this.

Happy Wedding Fishing Honeymoon Upta Camp Planning,


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