It’s All In The (Wedding) Details

This is going to be a long, but fun one folks. I’m taking a posting-about-the-livingroom break. I figured in this interlude we could jump back a month. It’s time to share some details of our wedding day shenanigans with you guys. Especially some of the “at home” things we did, in action. You’ve seen a post on the vintage suitcase card holder, the cake topping blue birds, the colored mason jars, and even our wedding invitations here and here.  I’ve saved some other things for you until now.

We went as homemade as possible to save on money. For one, we couldn’t afford an expensive wedding and for two, we’re too cheap, even when our parents helped us out. We need to give a big hearty and loving thanks to my parents and Mr. A’s parents. They really stepped up to the plate and helped us out without asking. Our wedding was easily under $10,000, including my designer dress which was a gift from my father.

I really wanted to incorporate white, burlap and color into the wedding. Keeping it clean but still whimsical and charming. A while back I mentioned spray-painting wine bottles white to hold single stems of flowers. First I used a primer, since it gave a thicker coverage right away. Then I used a cheap semi-gloss to give it a little luster. For the burlap I scored some old coffee bags for free at our local shop Coffee By Design (for a minimal donation to a charity, which of course I did). We simply cut them to fit, sewed them and slid them on.

My mom made us a gorgeous bunting banner using fabric I picked up at Mardens, and then my best friend Marcia and I sewed more wine bottle slip covers out of the same fabric. A friend cleaned a whole bunch of wine bottles for us, so we had a mix of white with burlap, and plain with fabric.

Photos (c) Alexandra Roberts Photography

Speaking of tables, we had two different kinds, 8 foot rectangle tables, 5 foot round tables and four foot round tables. There were 3 eight foot tables on either side and the center had round tables. The round tables had white table cloths with a burlap runner, as seen above.

The rectangle tables were pushed together making one super long table covered in a 10 yard piece of burlap. I was pretty proud of my bulk burlap buying. 30 yards from with a 50% coupon and I ended up paying about $60.00 not including shipping. I was able to get 6 runners, two 10 yard table cloths and I still have some left! I hemmed each end and washed and dried them before I put them on the table.

As for the flowers, we originally looked into a florist, only to find out bridal bouquets started at $200. Not a chance I was ever going to pay that much for flowers. We decided to go with Trader Joe’s and ended up with all the flowers we needed for the reception, the ceremony and our bouquets for $60.00, with extra to go. Mr. A’s father also brought down two five gallon buckets of lilacs. We were going to transfer them, but there was just something about lilacs in buckets I couldn’t resist, probably because I’m a classy lady.

Top Right Photo (c) Alexandra Roberts Photography

For about $70 from Rons Home and Hardware I picked up strands of outdoor lights. Paired with lights donated from family and friends we were able to string lights throughout the inside of the tent, and from the tent to the garage.

Photo (c) Alexandra Roberts Photography

Over the course of about 6 months I picked up lighting at Mardens, which in itself is amazing because you can never find the same things within 6 months there. I went with blue/green/natural tone chinese lanterns, sans lights. I simply wanted them hanging for effect. It turns out my sister-in-law had the same exact mini-lights from her wedding which we used too.

For the ceremony we also made a Cord of Three Strands instead of a unity candle. You braid it to represent intertwining God thoughout your marriage. They cost about $40.00 but I made ours for about $10.00 with materials from Joannes Fabric and our garage.

As gifts for my guests, I gave everyone a sample sized bar of my handmade soap. My best friend cut tissue paper from my bridal shower gifts into strips and wrapped every one of those suckers by hand. She is hands down the best ever. You bet our gift table was our back workbench in the garage.

All in all, we had an absolute blast. I loved being able to hand make so much of my wedding and am so thankful for all of the wonderful people who pitched in and helped out like my amazing mother, sister, best friend, husband and tons of friends and family. You’re all the greatest. So on that note – I leave you with a few more details. Pst – note the delicious looking cake. My sister in law and her husband made that for us. Chocolate with bourbon ganache layered and carrot with caramel pecan glaze. Delicious!

Photo (c) Alexandra Roberts Photography

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