Wednesday Renovation Recap: A Little Insul(a)ting

The weather outside is getting cooler quickly, as it typically does come October in Maine. The leaves are falling off of the trees and blowing everywhere, and I’ve given up on sweeping the foliage off the deck. Mother nature has decided to decorate with her orange and red leaves, and I’m going to let her. Meanwhile, I’m not decorating at all. With the construction going on, it’s simply not worth it. I have to admit I also don’t really have any decorations anyway. I’ve never really been one to decorate for the specific time of year short of in-season flowers. To that feeling, for the fall I filled a vase with pinecones for the deck table. That counts, right?

While I’d love to talk about how much I love the weather and how chilly it’s getting, what I should really talk about is how Andy has been working hard this last weekend to keep us from getting chilly. He is currently referring to our house as the “igloo” in reference to the classic blue igloo cooler, because with the new exterior insulation it looks like a giant igloo cooler. Sort of. Maybe not? For some reason I totally got his reference. This might be part of the reason we’re married.

Even though we are referring to our house as the igloo, it’s thankfully only becoming warmer. Between the finishing of the chimney, the new insulation on the roof, and now the exterior insulation we’ll be walking around in our underwear inside when there’s a blizzard outside. That might be a stretch, but you never know.

Each time I look at the house from the angle below, it makes me smile. I can picture the six small windows in (two of them are on the other side). I can picture the new windows in the original house. I can picture the floor to the porch, the firewood stacked, the smoke coming out of the chimney, and a light snow falling outside. Ahhh yes, perfection.

The back of the house is looking just as good, you know, in comparison to what the house used to look like.

I have to admit that we initially felt like the addition was almost too tall in comparison to the original house. We were a little concerned but not enough to rip the entire roof off again and take the trusses down. No way. We figured we’d live with it but the height has honestly grown on me and I’m so glad now it’s as tall as it is. From the inside it looks good, and from the outside.

It wasn’t just the exterior Andy insulated, but between the trusses as well. The actual walls will get a different type of insulation,  but it was important to fit the rigid insulation between the trusses and rafters so everything was snug.

A lot of the time you can cut the insulation with a hand saw, but Andy took the more efficient step and used his portable table saw. I have to say I made fun of him when he got this with the “what on earth do you need a portable one for? You have one in the basement.”

Excuse me while I eat my words.

As usual, Andy’s right, and I’m eating my words. It’s just the nature of our relationship. At some point I should just stop arguing with him about things I know nothing about. We’ve been together for almost 9 years. Maybe by year 10 I’ll get it.

Probably not.



One thought on “Wednesday Renovation Recap: A Little Insul(a)ting

  1. I’m glad your house is now so warm inside!
    I like the outside of your house; perhaps it’s true the addition is a bit tall, but the house feels unique and different. You are building your house with lots of ingenuity and I think you both must be proud of it.
    It makes me smile, too, because it looks a little naive (it’s a compliment!): I mean, it’s not a fancy house designed by a fashion architect or something. It’s a good house made with effort and love, not with lots of money.

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