Wednesday Renovation Recap: In Your Fascia

Yay for weekly renovation updates! If you didn’t catch my post yesterday, I essentially realized I was stressed out trying to capture every detail of the renovation, and to put some balance back in my life and this blog (because I do have other sections I like to blog in other than renovations) I’ve decided to do a weekly renovation recap. Unless something totally crazy happens during the week, this will stand until we get to smaller more manageable projects, which I feel I can write better on. Right now we have a huge crazy push to get the house in a good spot before cold hits and it essentially means a roof, windows and maybe insulation. In other words, once a week is plenty enough so the writing doesn’t feel like you’re in a dentist chair for a root canal.

This week in renovation land we:

  • Finished up the exterior plywood.
  • Chose a paint color for the entire house.
  • Installed the fascia
  • Installed the roof trim on the ends of the house.

You know how on those reality shows they’ll be all, “this is the most dramatic episode yet” despite the fact that every episode is the most amazing, dramatic, one (except it’s not). Well, that’s kind of what I feel like whenever I write about our house. Except it really is pretty amazing to see. With each bit of progress the addition starts looking more and more like the home we’ve been conjuring up in our heads for the last five years. Each time it takes me by surprise and I think “I thought I liked it before but now I really like it.”

As you can see in the photo above, we still have two of the original windows to replace. The reason we haven’t swapped these out yet is that we aren’t changing the position, or the size of them. I admit it looks a little wonky that the windows aren’t perfectly symmetrical on the porch but they simply can’t be. Between the door and the first “old” window is the staircase, and those two windows have to be in the position they are to be symmetrical in the bedroom.

We never said it was a perfect house, but it’s perfect for us. Renovations are like that, sometimes you just have to work with what you have.

Working with what we have has been the name of the game with this renovation, but it’s also about being resourceful and that included the material we used for the fascia and the paint color.

For the paint color we decided to use the same color for the house as the garage and the barn door. We had thrown around the idea of painting the house a deep brick red, since the next few houses on our street are a similar green. When it came down to it though we liked how the green would tie all of the buildings together. Also, we had a few gallons of the green left which sort of sealed the deal. We really liked the color anyway, so it made sense.

The other paint decision we made was mono vs duo paint on the exterior. Some people really like contrasted trim, but we really like the monotone paint scheme on the exterior of homes. Aesthetically I like it better most of the time and it also makes maintenance easier. Call it Yankee thrift if you will with a bit of design thrown in. One of the other reasons for painting the entire house, including trim, the same color is to minimize the different roof pitches. If we painted the trim a different color it would be very obvious our house had a renovation put on it, and we really wanted the house to look as cohesive as possible.

For the fascia boards, you finally get to see how we’re using the lumber we sawed up earlier this year. We used a bunch of the worst stuff on the barn, but now we’re getting into using the really nice boards. To get these super long boards planed and to the correct widths Andy has set up a wood shop in the garage (for the count, that makes two wood shops we now have, even though the garage one is temporary).

To paint the boards Andy simply set up two sawhorses in the driveway, ran the boards between the two, painted one side, let it dry and then painted the other side.

Installing the boards was pretty fun, mainly because I got to help out. While I climbed out onto the roof with And,  Casey stayed inside on the second floor to cut the fascia boards to length, using the portable table saw, per measurements Andy was taking. As I was attempting to take a photo of the interior plywood, I was instructed to “take a photo of the gun show.” I think Casey has a secret mission to see how many photos I will post of him on my blog in this position, because he makes it just about every time. He isn’t even a meat head. Not even close, it’s just funny.

While we’re at it, here’s the master bedroom side of the interior completely boarded up.

As the gun show was taking place, I peeked out to see that one side of the house already had the painted fascia board installed. The odd nail is actually how the guys hold their power tools while they are working on the roof. It allows them to hang the tools by the handles, without the risk of the tools sliding off the roof, or having the guys have to bend down while on staging to pick them up.

I didn’t get too many photos of the next step because I was on the opposite side of the roof helping Andy line up and install the fascia. We were working hard to get the fascia up and painted before the big wedding on Sunday in our backyard. We only had a few hours, so my focus was more on getting the fascia up than taking photos. As I’ve said before, this renovation seems to be going at lightening speed, so my coverage of it is admittedly not as detailed and I was expecting. No complaints from me though! The sooner it gets done the better.

Essentially installing the fascia went like this: measure, cut, help install and hold in place, nail in place and an extra coat of paint for protective purposes and to cover the nails. While I painted the two longer sides, Andy and Casey worked on putting up the boards on each end and getting the second coat of paint on them.

In the early afternoon I had to leave to go help set up the candy table in the tent for the wedding in our backyard (I’ve mentioned it on Twitter and Instagram), so the boys kept working on adding roof trim to the master bedroom side of the house. I would have taken photos of that side, but truth be told this was the point in the day I became entirely preoccupied with taking care of the last few details for the wedding. Our neighbors son was getting married, and I had offered to help set up final details.

Maybe I was been busy eating chocolate covered acai and blueberries. Oh, and recognize that turned bowl below? It’s one of the ones Andy turned on the lathe last year. In fact, it was his very first one. It’s most certainly wonky, but it’s a wonky bowl I love to bits.

With that, this ends the first weekly renovation recap! This new method will be nice for all of us, I promise. You’ll know when you can come back and see updates, while I won’t feel like I’m letting you guys down for not posting every.single.time. something happens.  Schedules are a good thing!

I can promise the next post on the renovation will be (movie announcer voice) the most exciting, drama filled, amazing post to date.
Ok, I can’t promise that, but it looks like *fingers crossed* we might have some roofing. I’ll let you know next Wednesday!



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Renovation Recap: In Your Fascia

  1. I’ve been out of town so I’m catching up and actually very happy that you are moving to a weekly re-cap of the reno work. It’s hard to keep up with reading blogs – can’t imagine trying to write one, too. I find that I’m not so interested in the details as the before and afters – in-betweens are nice too, of course.

    Hats off to you for finding your priorities and keeping yourself sane!

    1. I am SO happy to read that Barbara! I feel like there are plenty of step-by-step blogs out there, but this isn’t one of them (at least not on this scale!). One a week is perfect. It’s a nice “this is where we are at”. Writing a blog can definitely be a lot when the rest of life goes on too especially when you’re renovating, job searching, raising two dogs, have a significant other, and running your own company too! Something had to give a little. 🙂


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