Wednesday Renovation Recap: Little Items & Big Windows

Hey friends! This last week in renovation land has been slow and steady. There has been plenty done, but it’s been little items to prep for some big ones. We’re waiting for some materials to show up so we can install the windows, so while we waited we worked on a few other items.  By “we” I mean I did some painting and items around the house, while Andy actually worked on the house. Oh, I also took some photos for you of the house so this won’t be an instagram photo recap like last Wednesday.

First up, can we just discuss what a HUGE difference has been made since we moved in five years ago? I found this picture on my external hard drive and I was all, “ANDY LOOK. There’s a toilet on the porch.” Then I cringed because I remember having to blast that toilet with the power washer when we had to re-floor the bathroom right after moving in.

And from a similar perspective now. Awwww boo yeah.

This photo also shows one of the bigger of the prep items we had to do this weekend before the windows went in. All of those casings around the window openings are not the final casings for the windows. I asked Andy and he let me know these are actually called “wood bucks” not casings. I’m so super knowledgeable about these things *shakes head sarcastically*. These help hold the actual windows in place and will be covered by the window itself.

Wait for it…

Waaaiiitt for it….


Oh boy do I like our windows. These are two over one windows, i.e. two panes over one pane. We debated a three over one look but decided the balance of the house and the view of the field would be better with two over one. These windows are amazing and are easily cleaned by tilting (it’s the little things in life). The green will be what you see on the exterior of the house, and the interior is a basic pine but it’s a nice pine. Once the Vycor (window flashing) comes in we’ll be set to install and it will look like a unicorn party – both magical and unbelievable.

Next up came finishing up the soffit on the addition, trim and paint.

Because the steel roof reflects light so easily, it’s really hard to get a good shot from the road. Instead I took these while up on the original roof, after I finished putting a second coating on some of the trim. Oh, by the way, the paint color is Sage Brush Green if you’re interested.

Oh, and what else is this we started? Some work on the original house? Oh yes, you know we did. You can’t exactly put siding on when the original house is still junk. The entire exterior needs to be in working order, so when I was doing inventory on my soaps the other night I heard a loud BANG BANG BANG *crunch* noise right outside my window. Turns out Andy was pulling the soffit down on the original house.

That tiny window is the window into my office right now. Someday, oh someday, I’ll have a real window in there.

The final part of this weeks renovation update actually happened tonight, so I think it deserved a spot in this weeks breakdown.

Our front door!

I never wrote about it, but earlier this spring when I was in Marthas Vineyard for my friends wedding, Andy went to the Hammond Lumber tent sale up in Belgrade. He came home with some doors, including a beautiful solid douglas fir front door.

The swing of the door was wrong, so Andy took it out of the frame and changed the mounts so it would swing in to the right, instead of to the left.

It’s great knowing that not only are the windows going in soon, but we’ll actually have a front door to the house again. As far as those lanterns from our wedding in the garage? They might just stay there forever.

We’re fancy like that.



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Renovation Recap: Little Items & Big Windows

  1. Gosh, so many projects going on. You two are so brave! The new windows will look great. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle, isn’t it? So many pieces to fit together and making sure they get done in the right order – not an easy task.

    1. Haha there are a lot of projects going on Barbara! That is for sure. I don’t know how Andy knows how to do all of this stuff, just years and years of doing it I suppose. I am still blown away and in awe of how he does it!


    1. Hey Ashley! I can’t wait to see the new windows go in too, I’m super excited for it! Don’t be jealous though, just remember my house has been totally open to bugs all summer. If I see one more fly in the house once the windows are in….they’re done for!


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