Wednesday Renovation Recap: We Need Two Of Every Animal

Last week I posted from my phone, and admittedly the photos came out tiny and like, uh, I wrote it on my phone. Without access to the actual photos I took for that post, it was a little pieced together. For this weeks post I thought I would delve into a little more detail about the windows and door and show the process. We actually haven’t worked on the house this last week for a few reasons. One, the next step is building the chimney which we’re having a friend help with so that requires coordination. Two, we were waiting to hear whether I got a new job, so we could order more windows and get the insulation. This just in: I got the job and I start Monday (yes!). Third, and finally, we actually left this weekend and we actually do most of the work on the weekends. If you follow me on Instagram (likeacupoftea) you saw photos of us clearing paths and logging on my mother in laws land and snuggling in front of the fireplace. I’ll have another post on that coming up including some videos, but yes – we were actually gone and I loved it. There’s nothing like the mountains to recharge you.

Without further ado, window and door details!

Everything to do with installation of windows is prep work. Actually, that’s probably true about most things in life. Specifically to windows, if the framing and prep work is done right the windows more or less go in quickly.

The first step of actually installing the windows including putting vycor down. We used Grace Vycor, which is a self adhesive flashing. They have no idea who we are, I’m just letting you know what product Andy chose in case you were curious.

With the vycor down, Andy took a step outside.

Don’t worry, there was staging.

With shims waiting in case they were needed to level or plumb the windows, the boys lifted the first one into place and crossed fingers.

With only a little adjusting and a couple shims, the window fit perfectly, and the boys secured the window into place. Once everything was secured, they put more vycor around the outside to weatherize it. This same method was used for each window, and before I knew it the windows we had ordered were in. We still need to order and replace the two original windows on the first floor, and special order the smaller windows, but those should be ordered pretty soon here.

Just to be clear, the reason we didn’t order all of them at once was because of money. Just like everyone else we have to budget, so we ordered the most important windows first. There were certain ones we had to have done and the end windows and the windows into the livingroom of the new addition were absolutely the most important. So now that we know I have another job starting we’ll go ahead and order the other ones.

I always show photos from the front and back of the house, but here’s a good view of the house facing the broad side of the addition. This gives a good view of what windows we still need to complete, and a better idea of where the porch floor will be in relation to the door. This photo just proves how much nicer the new windows are. It also shows that building around an existing structure isn’t always symmetrical. Sometimes you have to work with what’s there. I’ve mentioned it before, but the staircase to the second floor is to the right of the door meaning the window placement is a little wonky from the outside. We’re storing firewood on the right side of the porch though so I’m not sure it really matters.

Finally, let’s discuss the fact this photo shows how huge the addition is. Excuse me while I go get the animals two by two, my Grammy may have been right that this is the ark. At least in the event of a pending flood I know my husband could build something of appropriate size. Waterworld? No problem.

Hey, speaking of doors, here are the shots I promised you last week of the installed door.

Here’s a couple more photos of the interior of the new livingroom with all of the windows and door in.

The one thing about this room that has really surprised us is how warm it is. There is minimal insulation in this room currently but the windows and door have made an amazing difference. This room now gets a ton of sunlight which keeps it roasty toasty throughout the day. We can only imagine how wonderful it will be in the dead of winter between the sun, full insulation and the wood stove roaring. Pretty much we can’t wait.

But we will.

We may not have much more we’ll be updating on in the next week or two as we wait for materials, but I’ll keep you updated with other things going on. It will be nice to be able to share a few other non-renovation things with you!



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