Wednesday Renovation Recap: Window You Let Me In?

I hope this comes through okay, as this is the first post I’m writing on my phone. We’re up in the mountains this weekend and I didn’t bring my laptop, but I just can’t wait any longer to post this weekly update so phone photos it is!

I am happy to announce we finally have our large windows in, and our solid Douglas Fir door!

I’ll show more photos on my next regular post, but let me explain the windows a minute. On this back side of the house, facing the hayfield, we did very large side by side windows to take full advantage of the field. On the street side we did a single window on each floor which is slightly smaller. We didn’t want them overpowering the front, and to also fit the front rooms of the original house. Unfortunately the large windows would be far too large for an original room, so we went slightly smaller overall to keep it cohesive on each side. Even though its an older photo you can kind of see what I mean below about the original house here. The windows look slightly small in the addition now, but they look great inside and will look better on the outside once trimmed and siding goes up. Oh, and for anyone interested, these are two over one Anderson windows.

Here are a few more installation shots.




Moving on to the door, this really made the room. Every year Hammond Lumber has a big sale up in Belgrade so. As I mentioned last week, Andy went up and ended up getting the door for a significantly discounted price. We’ve seen this door installed before, and it often has floor to top of the door side windows to it. This one didn’t come with them but I was truly okay with it. It’s a personal preference but it just seems like asking for someone to easily break in. I just prefer higher windows and a solid wood door.

Glitch! I just lost everything I wrote past that photo. Darn you futuristic typing machine! What I had said was Andy took the door and not only changed it so it would swing towards the wall, but added a beautiful oil to it as a finish. Some people prefer a painted door, but painting gorgeous solid wood in our house is the 8th deadly sin. That’s dramatic, but you will almost never see it happen. I say “almost never” in case a weird 180 of the world happens. Our style is a “new traditional” style. That title alone makes me laugh, because it’s ridiculous. Essentially you can expect to see us doing clean, simple, lines with shaker style influences and farmhouse touches-and not painting douglas for doors lime green or something.

The best part of the door being installed (I’ll have a photo soon) in the living room is how it finally feels like a room. I’ve already changed the furniture positions, removed pieces, added others-all in my head of course. It’s cozy, it’s comfortable and I’m looking forward to that next step.

If I had told myself months ago I would enjoy this renovation process, I would have given you the eye. I’ve once again proven myself wrong.


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