Wednesday Weekly Renovation Recap: Tip Top of the Chimney To You Old Pal

Oh hey there friends. It’s been another week, and I’m happily warm this time around. Changing the pitch of the roof on the addition we knew it meant we would have to re-top the chimney. As the weather started getting cooler, we broke out the sweatshirts and sweatpants (or maybe hot pink footie pajamas…maybe) and the layers upon layers of blankets. We would both look at the wood stove with desire but it was a desire we cold not indulge in (I think I got a little Welshley Arms hotel there).

Unlike the love-ahs in their hot tub, we were cold in a torn apart house. Last week we finally received the bricks to re-top the chimney, then last Friday Andy and his best friend Nick (the best man at our wedding) took the day off work to build the chimney. It was a cold rainy day, so bless them for trudging through to get it done. When I got home, I found them still up there with full staging and a tarp so they could work. Each of them was soaked to the bone and didn’t stop until it was absolutely done. That’s what I call work ethic.

This is one of the few areas where my husband isn’t totally sure how to do things. Nick came over to help him because he’s watched a couple master masons, but it was the first one he had actually built. I’d say for two guys who had never done masonry before it came out stellar. Is it perfect up close? Nope. Is it awesome and holds a great fire? You bet. It’s all to code and that’s what matters. I was even impressed with the awesome bump out they did near the top.

By the time I showed up the boys were at the top section and working on finishing up the mortar. After they were finished, cold and wet I asked them to pose for one more photo since we have zero photos of them together from our wedding. Crazy, right? I asked the guys to give a simple “thumbs up” for the photo and this is what they did. Welcome to the internet boys, welcome to the internet.

Let’s not discuss that the chimney looks a little….uh…phallic in this picture. It does not look like that in person.I didn’t get a photo of it finished with flashing, which Andy did on Saturday in the rain. Yep ladies, that’s mah man. He’s amazing. That said, the chimney looks the same only with uh…the roof replaced, and flashing.

In addition to adding the new top of the chimney, we also put plastic up over the five small windows we haven’t received yet. It really helped keep things tight. Anytime you tap on one all of the other ones bounce with that boom ba do ba boom ba do ba boom ba doom ba super base. Like I wasn’t going to Nicki Minaj that.

One time there was a couple with a dumpster and it had some plastic in it from wrapping around something, and that couple pulled the plastic. Out. Of. A. Dumpster. to hang up around the windows.

Don’t judge. Or, judge away—it was free!

One last thing for thus update.

I totally started on that crocheted rug again. You know, the one I started on the Pinterest challenge about two summers ago? Yep. That one. It actually has a design on it now. I’m going to do an update to it once it’s at least a foot across and two to three feet down. In fact, I’m going to go crochet or a half hour or so now!



Photo screen snapped from linked video to the SNL Welshley Arms Hotel Lovers skit. All rights reserved to NBC and Saturday Night Live.

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  1. Woohoo on the rug! That was actually one of the first Pinterest projects I looked at (longingly-I don’t crochet) so I’m glad you’re finishing it. It’ll look amazing!

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