Why Yes, I Would Like A Sundae {Glass}

While I was at the office my coworker came in and said, “I’m having a parking lot sale—everythings free”.  They were going through his mother-in-laws items and of the items they decided to get rid of, he wanted to see if any of us wanted anything. He had his truck already filled, and it was at the office, so why not?

Initially I said, “I don’t need anymore junk”. Then I ate my words just as fast when I saw these adorable glasses.

They looked like they might be worth something, but he didn’t seem interested. Despite missing one glass, I snagged the other three knowing they would be put to good use around here either for ice cream or berries and whipped cream, or any other array of delightful treats I felt like using them for.

Once I got home I decided to take a chance and look them up to see if they were worth anything. You can imagine my surprise when I found out they were actually Anchor Hocking depression era glass—and replacement glasses were selling for $21.99 each.

As it turns out, the glasses I picked up because they were “cute” were actually $66.00 for three of them, and I just got them for free. I told my coworker the next day about their worth and I believe his words were, “you’ve got to be shitting me”. If he had asked for them back I would have given them back, but without a word otherwise they are indeed mine to keep. I can’t ever imagine paying that much for a sundae glass, and I likely won’t splurge on a fourth one.

So if you come over for ice cream and you get the odd glass don’t feel left out. It just means you’re the daily winner. Of uh…more ice cream—and a high five.

I guess I better figure out an ice cream or sorbet recipe, because I have some eating to do.



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