Wood Stove Maintenance – Gasket Replacement

I love heating our house with a wood stove. To me there are few things more calming than sitting in front of a crackling fire while it’s chilly outside. It’s the type of heat that reaches my bones, not in a way that oil heat ever could. Sure we wear socks a little more at certain times of the year, but overall I wouldn’t trade it for oil again as long as we’re still able to cut and split wood.

Just like any heating system though, it requires maintenance. From creosote in the chimney, to cleaning the glass front (at least in our case) there are things to do. After 6 winters of use it was time to replace the gasket in the top as it had become a little…er…less than ideal. 

WoodstoveMaintenance (3) WoodstoveMaintenance (2) WoodstoveMaintenance (1)To remove the gasket Andy ran a screw driver around it to loosen it, and then scraped to remove any left over bits.

WoodstoveMaintenance (6) WoodstoveMaintenance (9)For installation we needed a pair of scissors, a new gasket and gasket cement.

WoodstoveMaintenance (4)WoodstoveMaintenance (5)First Andy did a dry fit of the gasket to ensure the length we needed, and then cut it to size.

WoodstoveMaintenance (13) WoodstoveMaintenance (16)To finish it off Andy removed the test fitted gasket, put down some gasket cement, and then replaced the gasket. Overall the maintenance took about 15 minutes and will last years more to come. I call that a pretty good return on investment.

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