Yes I’m Still Here {And Answers To Other Questions You Never Asked}

Ahem. Hey friends. Do I have your attention? Great, because let me just be loud and clear when I admit this because I am only admitting it this once out of pure embarrassment.

I didn’t realize the last time I posted on my blog was July 10th. Also known as 8 days ago. Also known as over a week ago. Also known as a little space cadet (though if I was a space cadet I would be a genius because I’d be an astronaut. I never really understood that phrase). Also known as doing real life. So the deal is that I often don’t turn my laptop on at night, but since I Instagram almost daily it sort of uhm….made me think in my head that I had posted when I had not. High-five to me.

If you want to see what’s been going on in between blog posts head on over to Instagram see all the daily goods. Until then let me answer a couple questions you may have, while supplementing with Instagram photos.

Are you still renovating?

Ohhh yes. We’re at the final touches but over the last month we’ve either been gone, or just doing flooring. We JUST finished laying ALL of the flooring in the addition. Our decision for finishing the floors might be surprising to some, but I’ll be taking photos of that hopefully this weekend. If it happens next Monday I won’t be around to do photos because I’ll be at work making benz (make that a used benz circa 1985 with a dented wheel – but I love that benz providing job more than one would know so it doesn’t matter). If it happens that I am not around when the finishing happens, I will at least get a before and after. Besides that we’re working on trim and more.


How’s the garden going?

*Mumbles lots of swears under breath*. It’s going. The direction it’s going is entirely dependent on whether this scorching hot humid weather mixed in with super wet weather wants to break or not. It at least doesn’t look as bad as when we came home from vacation, which is the photo below. That’s the only answer I can muster at this point.

Garden Preweeding

Why did you never post about your adventures with Troy this year?

Oh Troy. Troy the garden tiller. Frankly, I forgot – both to get photos and to write about it. I would be like “oh I need to write that” and then I would be like “look at that stack of laundry that needs to be done”, or more accurately, “look that food which needs to be eaten by me” and then I would forget.

The story of troy this year was simple.

  • I couldn’t get the blades to disengage and I lost control and ran over a bunch of mental t-posts that were on the ground and bent them to high hell.
  • I decided I wasn’t going to waste the t-posts so I bent them back into shape as well as I could so I could stake up the beans.
  • I almost destroyed our garlic but made a critical turn at the last moment that saved the day.
  • I expanded the garden by a few feet and Troy was starting to behave. Until he didn’t.
  • When your almost antique tiller stalls and you need to disengage the blade lever before starting it back up, do not, I repeat DO NOT stand over the lever. Make sure you are clear of the lever. Let’s just say while I am jealous men can pee standing up, the idea of how much more that would have hurt when the lever released did not escape me. I fell to the ground in a crumpled mess swearing, almost crying out of pain but not, and then ultimately laughing. Make that laughing-ish. Then I kicked Troy.

So that pretty much sums up the story of Troy this year. I hate that bastard but yet I love him.

Are you ever going to post vacation photos?

Yes! I am. In fact that post is in progress. I didn’t get it done though because it was 10:00pm and it started reading like this, “this is a tree. this is a house. this is a road. this is a moose. this is a bed. I need a bed. I must sleep in a bed.” I’ve been super busy since then so I haven’t finished it. This may end up a Saturday morning post. It’s like Saturday morning cartoons but less interesting. Except Maine is pretty gorgeous so I’m a fanYou’ve been forewarned there will be photos of a goat birth in there uncensored. They’re grainy dark photos because of how the barn was and the fact I’m a terrible photographer at adapting to low light when I need a quick shutter speed. They’re still graphic though.


Farm update please.

Rain makes haying difficult. Letting hay sit for too long makes bad hay. This summer isn’t awesome, but haying is slowly happening as much as possible. My legs are proof. One should always wear long pants when haying. I refused in humid 90 degree weather. It was worth it.


Are you still talking?

Always. Every day of my life. A lot. For now though, I will stop chatting on here and let you go about your business. Until next time my friends, until next time – which will hopefully be in just a couple days and not another week. Bad blogger.



2 thoughts on “Yes I’m Still Here {And Answers To Other Questions You Never Asked}

  1. Oh the joys of farming in Maine 😉 The weather has been pretty awful! But I try to enjoy the sun as much as possible. And haying in this heat is something I remember all too well. I still have the scars proving I was an idiot to not wear long pants! LOL Good luck!

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