Your Three Favorite Things

The fact this blog gets about 5,000 unique hits a month is mind boggling to me. I know that it’s peons compared to the other kabillion that exist, but I still like to analyze the data and the most recent social media/blog data suggests you guys have three clear preferences, in no particular order.

1.) Donuts. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, you guys seem to like donuts as much as I do. If there’s a donut around there’s a 99% chance I’m going to eat it. This has nothing to do with self control, otherwise I’d eat three. I just really enjoy donuts from the local bakeries. Guilty pleasure confirmed.

Donuts 2.) You guys are my kind of weirdo. Your appreciation for donuts is only matched by your appreciation for running. I carry the same sentiment. Donuts are awesome, but running during sunset on a trail is down right magnificent.

Run3.) You are dog people, whether you own one or not. Particularly, you really seem to like the Two Goons who fit the perfect “Sneaky Lab” stereotype. Posts with the dogs in them, whether social media or blog, seem to be liked by more people than average. I’m pretty sure the goofy nature of a Labrador Retriever is the reason behind this one, but I’ll pretend it’s specific to my two hounds.

dogsWhat other things do you guys like reading about? What other blogs do you love? Maybe I should start a Tumblr just about donuts, running and dogs. What would it be called? The Sneaky Donut Thief? I don’t know.



P.S.) By the way, I like that this blog is small, it feels like we’re just hanging out together.

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